1967 CRIME AND PUNISHMENT Dostoyevsky Hardcover Gilt Design Elements

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1967 hardcover edition of CRIME AND PUNISHMENT by Dostoyevsky. Spine has crack along edge. Bookplate inside cover. There aren't any obvious signs of inscriptions, marginalization, or dog eared pages.

Crime and Punishment is a novel symbolic of the drawbacks that society can have on individuals, specifically those who are at a disadvantage as a result of their class or mental state. When Dostoevsky penned this novel, the time was 1866. It has been banned on occasion due to its subject matter of murder and psychological disturbances, as well as for its political and religious themes. Dostoyevsky's novels were not banned under Soviet rule in Russia, contrary to rumors. If you are a collector of banned books, this is a novel you want on your library shelf.



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