2022 CHINESE DRAGON Tattooed Pigskin By Karen Strum Black Frame 8x10

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Tattooed Pigskin titled "Chinese Dragon" By Karen Strum produced in 2022. Colored inks are tattooed on suede leather using a tattoo machine. 8x10 Black Frame with double mat featuring an opening for art. Art is signed and cardboard backed. The back of the frame is finished with brown paper. The artist information is on the frame and on the back of the original art. The frame has a sawtooth hanger. Clear acrylic is used for window.

Dragons in Chinese culture symbolize great power, good luck and strength.  Emperors were assumed to have descended from the dragons. That is why, out of the twelve zodiac signs, the Dragon is the most popular one. Under the influence of Confucian culture, which has always been critical of tattoos, tattoos are 'alternative' and 'non-mainstream' . In ancient China, criminals were usually inked as a form of punishment.  If you are a collector of banned books and art, this is a wonderful addition for your  library.

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