Custom Cartoon Illustrations

I design a unique cast of characters which are popular for advertisements and other materials when you want something extra special. My cartoons use retro imagery and vintage color palettes that add charm to every image whether it is a comic, logo, diagram, book cover, or concept image.

Cartoons can be a single frame, multi-frame, or multi-page. I can deliver it via electronic file or have it printed or products like T-shirts, coffee mugs, or tote bags. Your imagination is the limit! This truly is a custom project and I will work with you to create what you want.

How do you come up with a good cartoon?

1. List topics or situations. Everything from everyday happenings to historical events can be fodder for a comic.

2. Use a search engine for researching related cartoons.

3. Start scrap booking. Cut pictures and articles out of magazines and glue them to concept boards.

4. Keep the concept as simple as possible! Remember the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple Stupid)

My blog, Adventures in Art, is filled with examples of my cartoons. Plus, there's a lot of good articles. If you visit the Design Services section, it has my full portfolio,

Contact Me to discuss how we can illustrate your concept! I can help you come up with an idea if you need some inspiration.



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