Below is regular pricing for temporary & permanent tattoos as well as design services. Use the form at the bottom of the page to contact me for a custom quote or to book an appointment. As always, feel free to give me a call at 727-237-4857. I try to return calls as quickly as possible.

Temporary Tattoos

Duo toned temporary tattoo with black jagua gel and red henna paste using your custom design or one of my stencils.

3"x3" Area:  $40
30 Minutes

4"x4" Area:  $60
45 Minutes

5"x5" Area:  $80
60 Minutes

3"x7" Area:  $80
60 Minutes

One Hand Tattoo: $80
60 Minutes

Mobile Tattoo Party: $240
Three hour party at your Tampa Bay event location

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Permanent Tattoos

I am currently giving free tattoos under specific conditions!

  • Must be under 2" x 2" in size
  • Must be on flat area of body
  • Must be  on thick skin
  • Black line art only (no shading - see example below)

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Design Services

Advertisements:  $150
Book cover:  $150
One panel comics:  $150
1-sided flyer:  $150
Logos: $150
Paintings & drawings (size limits apply):  $300
Photoshopped  graphics:  $150
Postcard 2-sided half letter: $150
Stationery - biz card, envelope, letterhead:  $75
Technical diagrams: $75 - 150
Tri-fold brochure:  $300
T-shirts:  $150
Websites: $80 per page/component
*Does not include hosting or domain registration


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