1886 JANE EYRE Charlotte Bronte Hardcover

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This is a beautiful hardcover edition of Charlotte Bronte's classic historical novel, Jane Eyre, published in 1886 by Belford, Clark & Co. The book features an inscription, which was signed with Bronte's Pen Name and dated 1847. She used a Pen Name in order to get published because her own name would reveal that she was a woman. The cover and spine feature gilt design elements, which are still bright after more than a century. The front end page has the book owner's name, address, and a date of 1889 written in pencil. The condition of the book, which shows wear and foxing, is commensurate with age.

Jane Eyre is an important piece of literature because the main character is a strong feminist symbol, arguing through the whole novel that women should be free to fulfill their desires, express their true natures, and chart their own destiniesMany Victorians considered it “coarse and immoral”. Not only might the book encourage young girls to lust after darkly dangerous figures like Edward Rochester, it also seemed to promote rebellion through its orphan heroine who insists on her own worth and does not express gratitude for the “charity” extended to her. If you are a collector of banned books, this antiquarian novel is a perfect addition to your library.

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