1898 ORIGIN OF SPECIES Vol 2 Charles Darwin Hardcover

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ORIGIN OF SPECIES Vol II by Charles Darwin copyright 1898, published by D Appleton and Company.  Bound in red cloth with gilt letting on spine and page edges. Owner's book stamp inside front and back cover (J. E. Huard, M.D.)

Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species, was published in 1859 and it was banned in 1895 for contradicting Christian beliefs. The Origin of Species is the most taught science book and it has been banned in Yugoslavia, Greece, and some Tennessee schools.  Darwin's critics used religious debates to negate Darwin's hypothesis. They stated that concepts such as natural selection were incompatible with Christianity and did not allow for essential species, while others criticized the work itself. If you are a collector of banned books, this is one you want on your library shelf.

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