1925 THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO Alexandre Dumas Hardcover Gilt Design Elements

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THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO by Alexandre Dumas.  Hardcover edition with Gilt Design Elements. There isn't a copyright page. It was published by Reader's Library Publishing, which was active in the 1920s. Due to its decorative end pages, it would indicate being printed in the mid part of the decade. There is slight rubbing of corners and tanning of pages.

First published in 1844, The Count of Monte Cristo teaches that revenge does more damage to the avenger than to the avenged. It is a masterpiece of literary genius that tells the story of betrayal, survival, faith, revenge and God. The story is about a young sailor who is unjustly accused of aiding the exiled French emperor Napoleon. He is sentenced to life imprisonment in an island fortress. The novel was banned by the Catholic Church for a short period of time due to its discussion of controversial topics.  If you are a collector of banned fine art objects, this antiquarian novel is one you will want to have on your shelf.

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