1946 SNAKE PIT Mary Jane Ward Hardcover Mylar Dust Jacket

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1946 SNAKE PIT by Mary Jane Ward Hardcover published by Random House.  The dust jacket has wear around the edges and small chips. It has been placed in a protective mylar sleeve. The binding is sound. There is a book plate inside the front cover. There isn't any obvious marginalization or generalization or dog eared pages.

The portrayal of mental health asylums in America was so negative in The Snake Pit, it sparked important investigative journalism and state legislation to reform the care and treatment of people with mental illness. A group of psychiatric nurses in Britain tried to have the film adaption of the book banned but failed. To counteract the idea that U.K. hospitals were as dismal as those in the U.S., the Crown Film Unit produced Out of True, a motion picture showing the positive atmosphere and methods in the U.K. If you are a supporter of banned books, The Snake Pit is a novel you want on your library shelf.

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