1959 THE SIRENS OF TITAN Kurt Vonnegut First Printing Paperback

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1959 THE SIRENS OF TITAN by Kurt Vonnegut  Paperback edition First Printing by Dell Publishing. Cover and spine has creasing. Bottom of spine is bumped. There are a few loose pages. There aren't any obvious signs of inscriptions or marginalization.

The Sirens of Titan is a comic science fiction novel by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., first published in 1959. His second novel, it involves issues of free will, omniscience, and the overall purpose of human history. Much of the story revolves around a Martian invasion of Earth.  Vonnegut's books have been banned for their use of obscene language, depictions of sexual acts, lack of patriotism,  mentioning homosexuality, and addressing topics such as science and religion. His work has been called "garbage" and "sick".  Other book bans never stated why they did it, but supposedly, it was because his books were dull and senseless and did not contribute to anything. If you are a collector of authors that have been censored, The Sirens of Titan is an excellent addition to your library.

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