1968 ETCHED IN ARSENIC Trevor L. Christie Hardcover Dust Jacket Archival Sleeve

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1968 hardcover edition of ETCHED IN ARSENIC by Trevor L. Christie.  Dust Jacket shows minor wear commensurate with age. It has been placed in a protective Archival Sleeve. There aren't any obvious signs of marginalization, highlighting, or inscriptions.

In the summer of 1889, young Southern belle Florence Maybrick stood trial for the alleged arsenic poisoning of her much older husband, cotton merchant James Maybrick. Etched in Arsenic tells the story of a  flirtatious young girl, gossiping servants, rumours of gambling and debt, and mutual infidelity. The case shocked Victorian respectability and the public clambered to read the latest revelations of Florence's past and glimpse her likeness in Madame Tussaud's. Both Australia and Ireland had laws into the 1970s that prohibited the import of crime magazines, both true crime and fictionalized accounts because they violated their obscenity laws even though they weren't sexually explicit. If you are a collector of banned books, this novel is one you want on your library shelf.

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