1976 ORDINARY PEOPLE Judith Guest Hardcover Mylar Dust Jacket

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1976 ORDINARY PEOPLE by Judith Guest. This is a Hardcover edition. The  Dust Jacket is in very good condition and has been placed in a protective mylar sleeve. The binding is sound and there aren't any obvious signs of inscriptions, marginalization or dog eared pages.

In 1976, Judith Guest's Ordinary People became the first unsolicited manuscript published by Viking Press in twenty-six years. Since then the popularity of the novel has remained undiminished. It is read by adults and teenagers alike for its sensitive characterizations of the troubled teenager Conrad Jarrett and his confused father, Calvin. The story of a teenaged boy's journey back from a suicide attempt after his older brother's death in a boating accident, and the grief and guilt that tear the Jarretts apart, Ordinary People was an instant best-seller. It was also made into an award-winning film. This book has been challenged or banned by people who object to its offensive language, disrespect for adult authority, sexually explicit and emotionally disturbing scenes, including a suicide attempt, death and divorce. If you are a supportor of banned books, this is one you want on your library shelf.

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