1979 DUNE Frank Herbert Hardcover Mylar Dust Jacket

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This is a 1979 hardcover first edition third printing of DUNE by Frank Herbert published by Putnam. The dust jacket is in a protective Mylar sleeve, it has wear around the edges and tape on the backside in three 1-inch spots. The binding is sound. There isn't any other obvious marginalization or dog eared pages.

Frank Herbert’s “Dune Series” inspired Star Wars and shaped the science fiction genre as we know it today. Dune follows young Paul Atreides as he ascends from destitution to the throne. To do this he must navigate a hostile desert environment and a precarious political landscape. Dune was intended as a countercultural parable against ecological devastation and autocratic rule, but science fiction fans who are alt right see the novel as a blueprint for the future and have been using the book as propaganda. If you want to see what all the controversy is about, add this Hugo Award Winner to your library.

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