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20.5 x22 Inch AMY RAY BAND Bandana (INDIGO GIRLS)

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This is a new 20.5 x22 Inch AMY RAY BAND Bandana or scarf. It is black/brown in color with a cream design printed on one side. There aren't any care instructions tags on the scarf.

In the 1990s, the seemingly innocuous duo of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers mutated into Marilyn Manson, becoming the scourge of the Bible Belt. Irmo High School in South Carolina, nixed a free concert by the Grammy-winning group after some parents complained that the two singers were lesbians. (A move Saliers condemned as "a blatant case of homophobia.") If you are a collector of banned books and music, this collectible is one you want in your library.

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