2012 ANARCHIST COOKBOOK William Powell Hardcover

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Copyright 2012 hardcover edition of Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell and published by Snowball Publishing. Cover has a couple very small scratches and is in overall very good condition. The binding is sound and there aren't any obvious signs of inscriptions, marginalization, or dog eared pages. Includes black and white photos.


The Anarchist Cookbook was written by a 19-year-old anti-war activist and published by a controversial New York house in 1971, it became a bestseller in radical circles. It contains diagrams and instructions on how to construct various explosive devices, and was aimed at people interested in conducting guerilla warfare. Powell died recently, but not before a documentary filmmaker caught up with him in France. The interview indicated that Powell had not read the book since he wrote it almost 50 years ago and that he had renounced its ideas. The book had inspired several notorious terrorists over the last several decades and Powell was visibly pained by this. If law enforcement come across the Anarchist Cookbook during a search, they are expected to confiscate it because they consider it evidence of contraband or criminality. If you are a collector of banned books, this work is a book you want on your library shelf.

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