CHRIS CORNELL Prayer Candle with Sandal Wood Cones

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This is a new CHRIS CORNELL Prayer Candle. Colorful design adhesive on glass container filled with candle. It is 7.75 inches tall. It comes with four Sandal Wood Cones.

The music video for ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ included anti-religious images, most notably, a burning cross. The video replaced the figure of Jesus with a woman on a cross. Soundgarden said they wanted to use the image of a woman on the cross to convey the persecution of women throughout history. The video caused an uproar in Christian circles, many protesting MTV’s airing of it on The Beavis and Butthead Show. As a result, MTV was forced to ban the song. Eventually, the channel  started showing it on the late-night show Headbangers Ball. If you are a collector of banned books and music, this prayer candle featuring the frontman of Sound Garden is an item you want in your library.

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