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Compact Mirror - Scrub Jay and Spanish Moss
Karen Strum

Compact Mirror - Scrub Jay and Spanish Moss

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The Florida Scrub-Jay, a bold and curious bird, lives in rare oak scrub communities located in the Sunshine State. They are on the Endangered Species list due to their habitat being under constant threat of development. Birders often travel across the country to see this unique species which has been endemic to the state of Florida for at least 2 million years. Karen Strum's “Scrub Jay and Spanish Moss” is a portrait of a solitary jay hidden among Spanish Moss.


Keep tabs on your makeup through the day with one of our compact mirrors! Our stunning silver personal compact mirror is square in shape, with a top and bottom mirror as well as a sleek and durable silver color outer shell. Unique decoration process actually infuses Karen Strum's artwork into the coating so you get a durable and Vibrant Image for years to come!

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