THE WIZARD OF OZ Trivia Game Metal Embossed Collectible Tin w/ Game Pieces

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This is a vintage Wizard of Oz trivia game manufactured in 1999. It is intended for two to six players. It has the game board,  directions, all 150 trivia cards including 50 picture cards, 6 Emerald City movers, rainbow arcs, and a game die. There is a dent in this side of the game tin.

Catch the colors of the rainbow in the trivia game  whose characters are among the most loved and treasured! The Wizard of Oz trivia game comes with 1250 questions, 250 of them written especially for younger players. Making it a game for the entire family! The game also features 50 colorful scenes from the film.

Dorothy is one of the reasons the Wizard of Oz has been banned since its release in 1900. People were actually mad that Dorothy was the main character in the book. In 1928, public libraries banned the book because they felt it was "ungodly." They didn't like it “depicting women in strong leadership roles." If you are a collector of banned books, this is a board game you will want in your collection.

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