189 PILGRIM'S PROGRESS One Word Syllable Hardcover Illustrated

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This hardcover book is a rare find for any collector or fan of Christian literature. Copyright 1894 by McLoughlin Brothers, it features color  illustrations to accompany the text of John Bunyan's famous work Pilgrim's Progress.  This is a one syllable edition edited by Mary Godolphin and was intended for adult beginners readers. The book is in good condition, the wear is commensurate with age. Spine and corners are worn, with the ends missing a piece of the cover. Binding is intact, but back hinge is being to crack. Small amount of writing inside from cover in pencil. Pages show foxing.

The Pilgrim's Progress is a 1678 Christian allegory written by John Bunyan. It is regarded as one of the most significant works of theological fiction in English literature. Bunyan became interested in religion after attending  the parish church and then joining the Bedford Meeting, a nonconformist group where he became a preacher. After the restoration of the monarch, the freedom of nonconformists was curtailed. Bunyan was arrested and spent the next twelve years in prison as he refused to give up preaching. Bunyan began his work on the Pilgrim's Progress during that time while in a county prison for violations of the Coventicle Act of 1664, which prohibited the holding of religious services outside of the established Church of England. If you are a collector of banned fine art objects, this antiquarian edition of The Pilgrim's Progress is a great addition to your library shelf.



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