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Karen Strum has a degree in philosophy and political science with a portion of her studies having been taught by the Dali Lama’s own brother. She spent two decades in advertising winning multiple ADDYs and an AIGA. After working with many self published authors and other creatives, she decided to start selling some of the philosophical loot that nonconformists love most on eBay—banned books and collectibles, of course.

"Adventures in Art" is Karen's Fine Art Blog. Take a peek to see her original cartoons. She is a Tampa Bay illustrator available for freelance projects, please see her Design Services. A unique cast of characters in her style can be designed for use in advertisements and materials for which you want something extra special. Karen's cartoons use retro imagery and vintage color palettes that add charm to every image she creates whether it is a comic, logo, diagram, book cover, or concept image.

For the past three years Karen has worked as a Henna Artist on the sunny beaches of sunny Clearwater, Fl. You can book an appointment with her at “Let me Ink You” Tattoo Shop by contacting her directly or calling the shop.



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