1900 Les Miserables (JEAN VALJEAN BOOKS 1-9) HUGO HC Donohue Brothers

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This is a 1900-1901 hardcover edition of JEAN VALJEAN, the fifth volume in Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. This edition includes all 1-9 books in the volume. There aren't any copyright remarks. However, the Donohue Brothers were only active between 1900-1901.  The dust jacket is missing, and the boards have periodesque designs imprinted on the front and back panels as well as on the spine. The front end page is almost entirely loose, and a name is written on it in pencil. Pages are tanned.

Hugo used Les Misérables to criticize the injustices of 19th century France. However, issues dealt with in the novel are universal and still resonate — the rights of women, intergenerational conflict, and cruelty of the justice system. Les Miserables consists of five volumes, each one containing multiple books, totaling 48.  The work of literature has been banned for many reasons over the years. Common reasons for banning it included displaying prostitution, murder, “portraying the Church as unimportant”, and glorifying the French Revolution. If you celebrate the freedom to read, this is an excellent novel to have in your collection.

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